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Texas Management Association

In the Fall of 1987 at the “ripe old age” of 22, I was sitting in the office of Professor Joseph Culver (“Joe”) talking about Longhorn Football and general human resource issues of the day (which we did often).  I had Professor Culver in an introductory to Management class as a Sophomore at UT and loved his real world approach to teaching along with the fun way he presented the material.  My respect for him turned into us getting to know each other and a supportive friendship developed.

I had more classes taught by Professor Culver and our love for Management, as well as Longhorn Football, grew.  He challenged me to learn and understand the history of management but to add my own approach to improving on it.  On that Fall day our discussions turned to how to build this same thinking to other “budding’ young managers while they attend the University.  We decided to charter the University of Texas Management Association as an on-campus organization for UT students to learn more about the hot management topics of the day and serve as a forum for interaction and development during their time on campus.  Together, Professor Culver and I created the Associations Charter and By Laws as well as set up a slate of area business Executive speakers that set the foundation for serving literally hundreds of UT business students over the years.  Professor Culver passed away a few years ago but the UT Management Association lives on and thrives today as a tool for the world’s future business leaders and a legacy that I am, and I know Joe would be, very proud of!

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Mark Bate
BBA  1988
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