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The Greatest

As a student, I spent a lot of my time at McCombs. Whether it was for class, advising, a career services networking event, you could almost always catch me at McCombs. But as a student leader for the Hispanic Business Student Association, I spent even more time in the business school because it was my home, and because I wanted to be there making an impact on my community. I became an officer my senior year, and going into it, I was scared. Would I live up to the standards that the previous great leaders set before me?

I had been involved in several leadership programs, teaching me skills and giving me practice on how to become a great leader. But it’s different once you’re actually in that position, and my senior year was the greatest year of my life, and the year that I grew the most. As a student, a young professional, a mentor, a minority woman, and just as a person. I spent many late nights at McCombs working towards that next HBSA event or career fair that we had coming up, and at the time I was stressed, tired, sometimes I cried, and sometimes I just wanted to reach the finish line.

But when the time at the end of the year, and HBSA won the McCombs Most Outstanding Student Organization award, UT’s Most Recreational Student Organization award, and the Texas Thon Student Organization Division Award, I knew it was worth it. I knew I had given it my all and that I made a difference for someone out there. All the stress, tears, and literally blood from the occasional paper cut, were now tears of joy, hugs, and laughter. As much as I had wanted to reach the finish line back then, I now realize how much I miss every moment of it. Looking back as a graduate and a few months into my professional career, I know HBSA and McCombs have given me the tools that I need to continue being successful. McCombs will always be my home on the Forty Acres, and HBSA will always be my family.

Farrah Ahmad
BBA  May 2016
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