BBA Memories

Trust in yourself and what you know!

I’ll always remember my invitation to speak on behalf of GBSA, the GLBTQA Business Student Association, at an Undergraduate Business Council meeting for a few reasons. The purpose of the presentation was to provide an overview of the organization, explore ways their members could support our cause, and further educate students on the issues faced by LGBT employees in the workplace. Unfortunately, I had not prepared for the meeting, but was able to act on passion, excitement and adrenaline, and nailed a solid introduction to a group of about 60! I don’t recommend it, but I do classify this evening as a reminder to trust in yourself and what you know 🙂

And finals season each semester at McCombs was everything but boring. This was when you truly got to know your classmates and if you were lucky, share delicious free food distributed by McCombs organizations, sponsored by local Austin favorites!

Ezequiel Calderon
BBA  2014
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