BBA Memories

Welcome to New York

I was returning from my study abroad in Hong Kong, directly to a summer internship in Wall Street. It was my first time traveling to New York, and I remember my initial excitement: getting off the plane with my luggage, jumping on the subway and heading straight to Times Square. I didn’t have a place to stay. I didn’t have a smartphone. I didn’t know anyone in the city. Yet there I was, so eager to arrive to one of the most recognizable, influential places on Earth. I stepped out of the train, ran up the stairs, down a few streets and there it was: just like a movie. I must have been there for at least an hour, people-watching, reflecting, allowing myself to feel grounded and grateful for all the experiences I had abroad and all the opportunities ahead. When I was ready, I found a cafe, opened my laptop, and found a place to stay. It was a great summer and my internship, although challenging at times, resulted in a full-time offer which I later accepted. Upon graduation, I moved to New York and I’m so proud that six years later I still call this place home. From time to time, I still walk by Times Square and remember how it all started.

Joe Estrada
BBA  2010
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